PG – RMO (Karachi)

Employer: Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology
Salary: Rs. 45000
Industry: Health and Medical
Location: Karachi

• Regular duty hours are 8 hours while post-call duty timings are from morning to 2:00 pm next day.
• To give proper handing over taking over to the next doctor coming on duty.
• To make sure Ward is not left vacant in any circumstances.
• To support clinics as per the advice of incharge/ HOD.
• To exhibit enthusiasm, dedication and learning attitude.
• To wear white apron during duty hours.
• To take bed to bed over from the preceding RMO on duty.
• To take personal round of all the in-patients, addressing their problems if any.
• To be present in the ward round of registrar / consultants.
• To carry out all the orders of registrar / consultants.
• To attend Emergency Call, assess and carry our urgent tests and inform Registrar/ Consultants on Call.
• To admit the patient following all protocol.
• To manage patient in ICU as per merit after obtaining written consent from attendant.
• To keep consultant on call abreast of all admission & Discharges.
• To maintain liaison with Surgeons / outside Consultants for seeking opinion or sending patient for procedure.
• To be present with patient undergoing procedure either in the ward or outside.
• To facilitate arrangements for transfer of patient and to accompany him if shifted in other hospital including Main Baqai Hospital.
• To supervise and monitor nursing care.
• Must be leave after giving proper over to arriving PG / Ward RMO.
• On unrest condition, Duty RMO has to wait until arriving doctor take full over.
• Ward should not be left un attended under any circumstances.
• Provide assistance to morning OPD if required.
• To guide and teach medical student / diploma students and House Officers, if posted.
• To present cases in the Grand Round of the Director.

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