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Technologist (Karachi)

Employer: Indus Hospital & Health Network
Industry: Health and Medical
Location: Karachi

• Prepare components from whole blood
a) Packed cell
b) Platelets
c) Fresh frozen plasma
d) Cryoprecipitate
e) Cryosupernatant
f) Washed red cells
g) Modified or divided products
• Prepare work list for component preparation.
• Receive whole blood and donor samples from camp.
• Perform quality control of products
a) Packed cell
b) Platelets
c) Fresh frozen plasma
d) Cryoprecipitate
• Perform proper centrifugation of donor samples according to SOP.
• Receive donor samples for infectious disease screening in software.
• Create batches for processing of samples.
• Proceed samples on routine as well as emergency module
• Proceed samples for manual assays
b) RPR / Syphilis
• Proceed calibration of different assays.
• Proceed control of different assays.
• Retain donor samples properly as per departmental policy.
• Be able to do the unit inventory.
• Perform visual inspection and unit verification of blood products.
• Perform quarterly alarm check testing of storage equipment
a) Blood bank refrigerator
b) Platelet agitator
c) Blood bank freezers
• Perform basic serology skills
a) Blood group ABO and Rh
b) Weak D testing
c) DAT
d) Cross match by tube method
e) Blood grouping and cross match on automation.
• Perform intermediary serology skills
a) Allo antibody screening
b) Antibody identification
c) Phenotyping
d) Resolution of ABO discrepancies
i. Pre warm technique
ii. Saline replacement technique
iii. Techniques for enhancement of cold antibodies
• Reagent cell preparation for all campuses according to best manufacturing practices.
• Be able to handle emergency release.
• Be able to perform the port transfusion reaction workup and forward it to the pathologist for review.
• Perform advance skills
a) Calibrations of equipment
i. Serofuge
ii. Cell washer
iii. Cryofuge
• Perform any other task assigned by the hospital and blood center administration.
• Physical reconciliation of blood units in BBMIS.
• Respond to phone calls in proper manner while communicating with the hospital staff and other service partner.
• Maintain highest level of professional and ethical behavior at work.
• Maintain Total Quality Management in day to day working by ensuring compliance according to define processes and procedures as per American Association of Blood Bank Standards. Must participate in external and internal quality assurance programs and take active part in implementation of Quality Assurance policies in the department.

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