2D unity developer (Islamabad)

Industry: Software Development
Location: Islamabad

1. Responsible for planning and implementing of game functionality and transforming of design ideas into functional games.
2. Communicate with the Team Lead to discuss gaming ideas and specifications.
3. Establish strategy and development pipelines for game project.
4. Create game specifications and operating instructions.
5. Translating ideas into efficient code. Design, build, debug and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code
6. Maintaining code and fixing game bugs.
7. Test game functionality and theme dynamics.
8. Check for broken features and functionality, inspect code for errors or bottlenecks and handle requests to fix performance and reliability issues
9. Designing and building game patches and upgrades Handle new feature requests and make improvements to the game.
10. Work with existing frameworks, improve existing game features based on design requests and develop new frameworks and functional specifications
11. Implement new game features and services as per request by discussing it with the team of the project
12. Provide End-to-end development of new features from code and design to implementation and testing, to documentation and deployment
13. Provide technical leadership through assisting the developers with technical questions
14. Manage efficiently project deadlines and complete the project within the described time.

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