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Truck Driver (UK)

Employer: Prosserv Company Ltd
Industry: Transport and Logistics
Location: UK

Job Description:

The Driver will be responsible for the transportation of Heavy Pipes, equipment and materials to and from all job sites (sometimes in excess of 100 miles from the company ware house).

Major Duties:

Major duties includes to maneuver and control the vehicle in a safe fashion, which includes handling the vehicle on-site and in over-the-road situations, proper signaling,must have knowledge and conduct maintenance of single and multi-rear axle trucks meeting the requirements for Commercial Driver’s Licensing (including a general knowledge of laws, regulations and operation of the stated vehicle),searching for hazards, controlling speed, lane positioning, matching speeds to road conditions (wet, dry, snow, or ice), and the ability to drive during the daytime or nighttime;safely load and unload all equipment/materials over all terrains, and properly secure all loads;responsible for routine fueling, lubricating, and servicing of their vehicle;when not driving, will be directed by company ware house Foreman on tasks to be completed around company ware house and yard;

Work Hours

- Monday thru Friday (typical);
- Eight (8) hours a day, plus overtime if necessary;
- Saturdays and Sundays if necessary;
- Night shift if necessary.

These hours may change due to weather conditions or job schedules.

Performance Standards:

A Truck Driver must meet the following requirements and standards:

- must have and maintain a current valid PA commercial driver’s license;
- demonstrate the ability to load/unload, secure load, obey highway traffic regulations, and deliver equipment and materials in a timely manner as not to delay production on job sites;
- must be able to perform pre-trip inspection and properly fill out DOT log book and fuel record;
- must deliver/pick-up equipment, materials and other supplies in a timely fashion as judged by Shop Foreman, Vice President and President;
- must be proficient in the maintenance of the vehicle they are driving;
- must have reliable transportation and show up to work on time every day;
- must be willing to travel to any and all job sites without exception (including staying away from home if necessary);
- must comply with all company safety and personnel policies;

Reporting Relationship:

The Truck Driver will get direction and must follow instructions given by the Foreman.

Once on a job site, the Truck Driver may get direction from the Foreman, Superintendent, or Project Engineer.

This job has expired

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