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Regional Finance Officer (Karachi)

Employer: Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi
Industry: Finance and Accounts
Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Job Description:

1.Implement financial policies and procedures at local level
2.Establish and maintain cash controls.
3.Establish, maintain and reconcile the general ledger.
4.Prepare and reconcile bank statements.
5.Issue cheques for all accounts due with the prior approval finance department.
6.Maintain financial files and records.
7.Handle banking matters, completing accounts and book keeping.
8.Make payments and receive funds in accordance with finance procedure and supporting documents.
9.Ensure the all documents are properly signed and stamped.
10.Liaison with banks and bank reconciliation on every month.
11.Prepare general vouchers.
12.Update and incorporate the records received from admin and other staff.
13.Prepare cheques and record all the transactions in the computer system appropriately on daily basis.
14.Safeguarding the accounting data.
15.Responsible for petty cash payments and supporting documents.
16.Assist in preparation of periodic reports.
17.Deal and support in tax matters at local level.
18.Reconcile office inventory with Admin Officer.

This job has expired

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